What region will the pacific oral health centre serve?

The Centre provides access to care for individuals and families living in the Fraser Valley. Additionally, the facility delivers continuing dental education programs to dental professional living in this region.

Why the location of the Centre?

The facility location was selected so that it might serve communities adjacent to Surrey, namely, the Fraser Valley at large.

UBC also recognizes that a part of its student population is from the Fraser Valley and that it has an obligation to have a presence there as much as in Vancouver. More importantly, the Faculty of Dentistry also depends on voluntary teaching from members of the profession - who find it increasingly difficult to make time, particularly if it necessitates a drive to the Point Grey campus. There are more than 30 dentists who live within the POHC location, who have already enthusiastically committed to teaching within the POHC facility - creating a mutually beneficial opportunity for UBC, the City of Surrey, and the Fraser Valley patient population.

What is the focus of the Centre?

The main focus is to provide accessible, affordable dental care to individuals and families in demonstrated financial need. If financial need cannot be demonstrated, dental care is provided according to the established Fee Guide of the British Columbia Dental Association.

Who provides the treatment?

The providers are students at all levels – undergraduate dental and dental hygiene students; graduate students; and general practice residents. Fully qualified dentists are also on staff.

What fees are charged?

Individuals and families who produce evidence of financial need are charged fees that are consistent with the University of British Columbia’s Faculty of Dentistry. If financial need cannot be demonstrated, dental care is offered according to the established Fee Guide of the British Columbia Dental Association.

What kind of services are available?

The Centre offers a full range of dental services including general and family dentistry; Pedodontics (children’s dentistry); Periodontics (gum treatment), Endodontics (root canal) Dental Implants and Oral Surgery.

Does the Centre provide emergency care?

Absolutely. One objective we hope to pursue is to be a emergency care resource to dentists in the community. In addition, dentists are able to refer patients who they are unable to treat in their practices.

Is Continuing Education offered?

The Centre is a multi-purpose facility with a state-of the-art auditorium and seminar/board room and offers continuing education to dental professionals who live in the Fraser Valley region.

Is General Anaesthesia provided?

A general anesthesia suite is planned in order to be able to provide more extensive surgical services.

As a dental professional, how can I participate?